No More Penguins is a Paris-based caterer created in 2011.

Art Paris Art has entrusted its restaurant organisation to the events catering branch of the No More Penguins (NMP) collective.
During the opening hours, you will find two fast food bars on both sides of the nave, with 60 seats each. A brasserie restaurant proposed by the young chef Sami Haimich of 45 persons, 2 services from 12am. to 3 pm, a tea time, 45 seats, everyday from 3 pm until the closing of the fair.

La kitchen Art Paris avec Trésor Food
Fast food

TRÉSOR FOOD was launched in 2017 and provides a nomadic culinary experience that combines seasonal, market-bought produce in tasty dishes. TRÉSOR FOOD is above all the story of two childhood friends, Jonathan and Alexandre, brought together by the desire to create a generous Mediterranean style of cuisine with Japanese and gastronomic influences.

La kitchen Art Paris avec Bonne Femme
Fast food

Behind a name that makes fun of the cliché image of the housewife slaving over a hot stove, BONNE FEMME serves invigorating, seasonal dishes. Chef Abigail and her staff of women – and some real men too! – give their healthy and colourful take on street food classics.
Focusing on a refined cuisine for food lovers, BONNE FEMME makes sure that its dishes not only look good, but are good for you as well, with recipes that meet your needs and produce that’s either organic or sourced from small growers in France.

La kitchen Art Paris avec Sami Haimiche

SAMI HAIMICHE is a young, ambitious chef who learnt his trade working in various Michelin-starred restaurants and gourmet caterers such as Les Étangs de Corot*, Apicius* and Potel & Chabot.
Driven by a passion for traditional French gastronomy and mindful of his diners’ enjoyment, he decided to become a private chef so that he could patiently elaborate his own dishes made from local, seasonal,produce and favour short food supply chains as much as possible.
A dynamic perfectionist, he prepares balanced, gourmet dishes that bring together a wide range of influences, which he controls by finding just the right balance of tastes and presentation.

No More Penguins (NMP)
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