Geneviève Asse, Pointe de jour, 2013
Geneviève Asse, Partage, 2008
Geneviève Asse, Entre ciel, terre et mer, 2009
Geneviève Asse, Verticale lumière, 1977
Geneviève Asse, Ligne blanche, 2009
Geneviève Asse, Sans titre, 1980
Caroline Tapernoux, Luminance #6 Caroline tapernoux, 2016
Caroline Tapernoux, Lumiveyre Musée Art Moderne Nanjing Chine, 2015
Caroline Tapernoux, Turritopsis, 2015
Katja Loher, What's the color of the air?, 2015
Katja Loher, Should we learn how to love from the bees?, 2016
Katja Loher, If she never goes to sleep, can a bee still have a dream?, 2016
Katja Loher, Why do clouds cry so much when the forest becomes a void?, 2015
Katja Loher, Where Does Time Begin?, 2015
Katja Loher, How can a hummingbird sleep in a land of burning trees?, 2016
Georges Noël, "Chemise ailée", 1995
Pierre et Gilles, Douce France (Nicolas Dax), 2017