Carla Kranendonk, Coumba, 2017
Carla Kranendonk, Mareme, 2017
Laurence Jones, Laurence Jones, 2017
Carla Kranendonk, Mareme, 2017
Carla Kranendonk, Coumba, 2017
Barbara MacFarlane, Paris Gold, French Blue and Terracotta, 2017
Barbara MacFarlane, Large Gold London, 2017
Mavis Marks, Kalipinpa - Water Dreaming I, 2017
Yalti Napangati, Marrapinti, 2016
Nikoleta Sekulovic, Titania, 2017
Nikoleta Sekulovic, Nikoleta Sekulovic studio shot, 2017
Phil Shaw, Once Upon a Time in the Land of the Book (detail), 2017
Charlie Tjapangati, Manakurranya, 2016
Rob Tucker, Celery Sandwiches Inside That Container, 2017
Rob Tucker, A Study for a Cheese Burger and Fanta Delight, 2017