South Korea Guest of Honour

South Korea is the guest of honour of Art Paris Art Fair 2016. This invitation under the leadership of guest curator Sang-A Chun is the last of a trilogy of editions dedicated to exploring the art scenes of the East. It reveals the striking richness of the art scene from “the land of the morning calm,” with work dating back to the 1960s, right up to the present day’s boom in contemporary creativity.

This year’s focus will provide an impressive programme:
- A platform of 8 galleries from Seoul (313 Art project, Gana Art, Paik Hae Young, Park Ryu Sook, Gallery Simon et UM Gallery), Daegu (Gallery Shilla) and Paju (Gallery Soso )
- Close to 80 artists represented by both Korean and Western galleries. It includes the historic masters of abstraction such as Ungno Lee (Galerie Thessa Herold) or Myeong-ro Youn (Gana Art) and icons like Lee Ufan (Galerie Rabouan Moussion) and Iee Bae 5galerie RX), as well as young rising stars such as Kiwon Park (313 Art Project), Kim Joon (Park Ryu Sook Gallery), or Osang Gwon (Galerie Paris Beijing)...
- Two installations : Kiwon Park is showing a monumental installation at the entrance of the Grand Palais entitled “Flash Wall” (2014) while Bae Hyung Kyung will present "Allusion" (2013-2015), a group of 7 life-sized statues in cast bronze (Paddock, North promenade)
- A programme of performances called “Rituals” with artists Yeesookyung and Young In Houng
- A talk entitled “Contemporary Koreanart: exploring the past and shed light on the present,” moderated by Art Paris Art Fair Korea Guest of Honour curator Sang-A Chun at the Korean Cultural Centre, 2 avenue d’Iéna, 75116 Paris on Friday 1st April, 2016 from 6pm to 7:30pm.

As part of the celebrations of France-Korea year, exhibitions and installations of Korean art will be visible throughout the capital during Art Paris Art Fair.

IBU Gallery, in collaboration with RX and Hakgojae galleries, present “Standing Man” by CHUNG Hyun, a series of monumental sculptures in the garden of the Palais Royal.

The Cernuschi Museum is organising an exhibition of contemporary Korean art from the 1980s onwards along with a number of new rising talents.

South Korea guest of honour at Art Paris Art Fair 2016 is part of the official programme of France-Korea Year 2015-2016.


South Korean artists exhibited at Art Paris Art Fair 2016

Bien-U BAE (1950) - Galerie RX (Paris)
Hyung Kyung BAE (1955) - Gallery Simon (Seoul)
Seon-ghi BAHK (1966) - Galerie Andres Thalmann (Zurich) / Paris Beijing (Paris) / 313 Art Project (Seoul)
Junyong BEN (1958) - IFA Gallery (Brussels, Shanghai)
BOOMOON (1955) - Flowers Galleries (London/NY)
Sung-pil CHAE (1972) - Galerie baudoin lebon (Paris)
Jeong Hwa CHOI (1961) - Park Ryu Sook Gallery (Seoul)
Jun-kun CHOI (1968) - Galerie Françoise Livinec (Paris)
Jung-Min CHOI (1973) - Galerie Geraldine Banier (Paris)
Kwang Young CHUN (1949) - Sundaram Tagore Gallery (NY) , Omer Tiroche Contemporary Art (London)
Kyungwoo CHUN (1969) - Galerie Andres Thalmann (Zurich)
Hyun CHUNG (1956) - Galerie RX (Paris)
Osang GWON (1974) - Galerie Paris Beijing (Paris/Brussels)
Jungwoo HA (1976) - 313 Art Project (Seoul)
Sonja HAN (1952) - ALB Anouk Le Bourdiec (Paris)
Kyung-ae HUR (1977) - Kalman Maklary Fine Arts (Budapest)
Hae-Sun HWANG (1969) - Gallery Simon (Seoul)
Seungtaik JANG (1959) - Paik Hae Young Gallery (Seoul)
Sho JANG (1971) - Paik Hae Young Gallery (Seoul)
Jinhwa JUNG (1986) - IFA Gallery (Brussels, Shanghai) Airan KANG (1960) - Gallery Simon (Seoul)
Kun KANG (1988) - Galerie Da-End (Paris)
KDK (1973) - Paik Hae Young Gallery (Seoul)
Dae-soo KIM (1955) - Galerie Françoise Livinec (Paris)
Dongyoo KIM - 313 Art Project (Seoul)
Ilhwa KIM () - Kalman Maklary Fine Arts (Budapest)
In Kyum KIM (1945) - Gallery SoSo (Paju)
Joohyun KIM (1965) - Gallery Simon (Seoul)
Joon KIM (1966) - Park Ryu Sook Gallery (Seoul)
Kulim KIM (1936) - UM Gallery (Seoul)
Myeong Beom KIM (1977) - Galerie Paris Beijing (Paris/Brussels)
Shin-il KIM (1971) - Gallery Simon (Seoul)
Tae-ho KIM (1948) - Galerie Françoise Livinec (Paris)
Tschang -yeul KIM (1929) - Galerie baudoin lebon (Paris)
Yun Soo KIM (1975) - Gallery Soso (Paju)
Sooyoung KWAK - 313 Art Project (Seoul)
Dae-Sup KWON - Paik Hae Young Gallery (Seoul)
Bohnchang KOO (1953) - Paik Hae Young Gallery (Seoul)
Bae LEE (1956) - Galerie RX (Paris)
Kun-yong LEE (1942) - UM Gallery (Seoul)
Leenam LEE (1969) - Galerie Photo 12 (Paris)
Soo Jai LEE (1933) - Galerie Sabine Vazieux (Paris)
Ufan LEE (1936) - Galerie Rabouan Moussion (Paris)
, 313 Art Project (Séoul)
Ung-No LEE (1904) - Galerie Thessa Herold (Paris)
Kang-So LEE (1943) - Gallery Shilla (Daegu)
Inhye LEE (1978) - Galerie Charlot (Paris)
Wang LEE - 313 Art Project (Seoul)
Jin Woo LEE - Galerie Maria Lund (Paris)
Jung-Yeon MIN (1979) - Galerie Maria Lund (Paris)
Beom MOON (1955) - Gallery Simon (Seoul)
Kwan NAM (1911) - Galerie Sabine Vazieux (Paris)
Tchun-mo NAM (1961) - ArtLoft Lee-Bauwens Gallery (Brussels)
Whan NAMGOONG (1975) - ArtLoft, Lee-Bauwens Gallery (Brussels)
Sang-kyoon NOH (1958) - Gallery Simon (Seoul)
Se-yeol OH (1945) - Galerie baudoin lebon (Paris)
Su-fan OH (1946) - Gana Art (Seoul)
Ido PARK (1983) - Galerie l'antichambre (Chambéry)
In-kyung PARK (1926) - Galerie Thessa Herold (Paris)
Kiwon PARK (1964) - 313 Art Project (Seoul)
Seungyea PARK (1974) - Omer Tiroche Contemporary Art (London)
Yung Nam PARK (1949) - Gana Art (Seoul)
Shim Moon SEUP (1942) - Galerie Rabouan Moussion (Paris)
Moon-Pil SHIM (1958) - Galerie Lahumière (Paris), Gallery Shilla (Daegu)
Gunwoo SHIN (1978) - Christine Park Gallery (London)
Sung-hy SHIN (1948) - Galerie baudoin lebon (Paris)
Hyun-sook SONG (1952) - Ditesheim & Maffei fine Art (Neûchatel)
Jeong Min SUH (1962) - Kalman Maklary Fine Arts (Budapest) / Jankossen (Basel)
Seung-Won SUH (1941) - Gallery Shilla (Daegu)
Seoung-won WON (1972) - Galerie Paris Beijing (Paris/Brussels)
Sou-yeol WON (1949) - Galerie Françoise Livinec (Paris)
Sookyung YEE (1963) - Performance Art Paris Art Fair
Jeong-me YOON (1969) - Galerie Paris Beijing (Paris/Brussels)
Myeung-ro YOUN (1936) - Gana Art (Seoul)
Sungfeel YUN (1977) - ArtLoft Lee-Bauwens Gallery (Brussels)

Lee Kun Yong, The Method of Drawing, 2015

CHUNG Hyun "L'homme debout"- "Standing man" du 30 mars au 12 juin 2016 Jardin du Palais Royal, 75001 Paris

As part of the celebrations marking France-Korea year, South Korean artist CHUNG Hyun presents a monumental installation in the Gardens of the Palais Royal entitled “A Man Standing.” A group of 47 sculptures made of old railway sleepers stands erect, a dedication to the strength of mankind facing the test of time and history.

In partnership with the Centre des Monuments Nationaux, Galerie RX, IBU Gallery, Hakgojae Gallery Seoul and the Palais Royal committee. Exhibition curator: Cyril Ermel, IBU Gallery

CHUNG Hyun, L’Homme debout, installation, Jardin du Palais Royal. Courtesy CHUNG Hyun

Myeung-Ro Youn, Windy Day MXV-1011, 2015
Kiwon Park - Flash Wall, 2014
Bae Hyung Kyung, Allusion - Installation de 5 pièces , 2013
  • Bae Hyung Kyung, Allusion - Installation de 5 pièces , 2013
Joohyun Kim, Extra Dimension, 2015
 CHUN Kyungwoo, Versus #2, 2007, courtesy Galerie Andres Thalmann, Zurich
  • CHUN Kyungwoo, Versus #2, 2007, courtesy Galerie Andres Thalmann, Zurich
Yun Soo Kim, Desert of Winds, 2005
Lee Bae, Sans titre, 2014