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Africa Guest of Honour

After Asia, Art Paris Art Fair continues in its commitment to bring to light emerging art scenes. In 2017 Africa is guest of honour with a project curated by independent cultural consultant and exhibition curator Marie-Ann Yemsi. The objective is to work with galleries and artists from both the African continent and the diaspora to highlight the richness and diversity of contemporary African creativity. A symposium, a programme of video projections and several special projects will broaden this exploration and offer an in-depth vision of the creative fertility and energy of the African continent.

Marie-Ann Yemsi
Cultural Consultant and Independant Curator
Born in Germany to German and Cameroonian parents, Marie-Ann Yemsi is a graduate of the University of Political Sciences (Sciences Po) and holds a Master’s Degree in International relations from University Paris I La Sorbonne. In 2005, she founded her own agency, Agent Créatif(s), which has developed a renowned expertise in cultural production and art consulting with a focus on emerging artists and artistic scenes in Africa and its Diasporas. ‘African Odysseys’, her last exhibition presented at the Brass Culturel Center in Brussels (April-May 2015) drawn on history and aimed to explore its impact on contemporary life through the works of 17 artists originating from south-eastern Africa, works which had hardly ever or never been exhibited in Europe before.