A Sector for Young Galleries and Emerging Talents


Purposefully placed at the very heart of the Grand Palais, “Promises” will host 14 young galleries from Abidjan, Brussels, Lima, Lisbon, Rome, Sofia, Marseille and Paris, many of which will be exhibiting at Art Paris for the first time this year. The galleries will explore rarely represented art scenes, from Europe – in particular Bulgaria at Structura Gallery (Sofia); Africa, with 31 Project, Galerie Véronique Rieffel (Paris/Abidjan) and Septieme Gallery (Paris); and Latin America, represented by Galerie Younique (Lima/Paris) and 193 Gallery (Paris). The galleries will each be presenting between one and three emerging artists – and benefit from financial sponsorship from the fair.

The 2020 selection:

193 Gallery (Paris)
31 Project (Paris)
Galerie Ariane C-Y (Paris)
Art Sablon (Brussels)
Galerie Bessières Art Contemporain (Chatou)
Galerie Double V (Marseille)
Galeria Foco (Lisbon)
H Gallery (Paris)
Galleria Anna Marra (Rome)
Galerie Véronique Rieffel (Abidjan)
Ségolène Brossette Galerie (Paris)
Septieme Gallery (Paris)
Structura Gallery (Sofia)
Galerie Younique (Lima)

With the support of :

Caroline Le Méhauté, Négociation 34 - Porter Surface, 2011
Faig Ahmed, Tradition in pixel, 2010
Paul Vergier, C'était mieux sans mais il fallait bien, 2019
Caroline Denervaud, Rencontre en Rose sous la Lune Automnale, 2019
Carmen Reátegui, Ofrenda y Vasallaje II, 2016
Studio Krjst, Awe Landscape, 2018
Inês Zenha, Between folded, enfolding and yet to be unfolded , 2019
Didier Viodé, Les Danseurs du Crépuscule, Acte II, 14, 2018
Bertrand Robert, série [le souffle] de mes os, 2019
Michail Michailov, I am everywhere, Drawing Lab Paris, 2019
Epheas Maposa, Salty Covenant, 2020