Art et environnement

In 2022, Art Paris makes strong commitment to the environment with two themes - Art & Environment and Natural Histories - combined with an innovative and sustainable approach to organising an art fair. With these two complementary themes, Art Paris presents a new approach to art that focuses on the living world.

Art & Environment, by Alice Audouin

Independent exhibitor curator, environmental specialist and Art of Change 21 founder Alice Audouin, will orchestrate a selection of seventeen French and international artists (selected from amongst the exhibiting galleries), whose work tackles environmental issues such as global warming and the loss of biodiversity.

According to Alice Audouin: “A new generation of artists born into the period of ecological crisis puts environmental issues at the heart of its practice. For these artists, ecology is not just a theme, but rather an expression of their relationship with the world. They are reinventing both ways of living together and the collective values of society. From ecofeminism to post-anthropocentrism, they are asserting their role as the avant-garde to the full and optimistically initiating a future where cooperation prevails over competition.

Alice Audouin has been committed to sustainable development for more than 20 years and has spent 17 years considering the relationship between contemporary art and the environment. She is the president and founder of Art of Change 21 (whose patron is Olafur Eliasson), which is a non-profit organisation that works around the world organising art prizes, exhibitions and conferences, etc. In addition, Art of Change 21 has invited artists to every COP climate change conference since 2015. John Gerrard and Lucy Orta were invited to COP26.

Together with consultants Karbone Prod and Solinnen, Alice Audouin is developing a sustainable approach to art fair organisation for Art Paris 2022 and, for Maison Ruinart, she is orchestrating with the same partners the 2022 launch of a tool that will measure the environmental impact of art fairs in general. As an exhibition curator, she has organised a large number of climate and biodiversity-themed exhibitions such as Warmingland (2018), Post-carbon (2015) and Biocenosis21 (2021). In 2022, she will join Jean-Max Colard to curate Novacène at the Gare Saint Sauveur in Lille (part of the Utopia season focusing on the environment).

Selected Artists:

Elsa Guillaume (1989), Backslash
Noémie Goudal (1984), Les Filles du Calvaire
Romuald Hazoumé (1962), Magnin-A
Suzanne Husky (1975), Alain Gutharc
Fabrice Hyber (1961), Nathalie Obadia
Tadashi Kawamata (1953), Galerie Kamel Mennour
Vincent Laval (1991), Sono
Douglas Mandry (1989), Binome
Lucy & Jorge Orta (1966 & 1953), Marguerite Milin
Michelangelo Pistoletto (1933), Continua
Pia Rönicke (1974), gb agency
Recyclegroup - Andrey Blokhin (1987) et Georgy Kuznetsov (1985), Suzanne Tarasiève
Lou Ros (1984), Guido Romero Pierini
Lionel Sabatté (1975), 8+4
Pascale Marthine Tayou (1966), Continua
Sarah Trouche (1973), Marguerite Millin
Capucine Vever (1987), Eric Mouchet

Vincent Laval, Avant la fin du cycle, 2022

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