"Solo Show"


“Solo Show”: A Showcase of 21 Monographic Exhibitions

Since 2015, Art Paris has encouraged the presentation of monographic exhibitions – a key moment in artists’ careers – by inciting galleries to present specific single artist-focused projects. The 2020 edition will feature 21 solo shows distributed throughout the fair.

L'Atlas (1978), Galerie Géraldine Zberro
Roger Ballen (1950), Galerie Caroline Smulders & Galerie Karsten Greve
Steeve Bauras (1982), YCOS-Project
Marcel Berlanger (1965), Galerie Nicolas Silin
Mahjoub Ben Bella (1946), Galerie Provost-Hacker
Soly Cissé (1969), Galerie Chauvy
Li Chevalier (1961), Raibaudi Wang Gallery
Robert Combas (1957), Galerie Perahia
Léonard Combier (1989), By Lara Sedbon
Hervé Di Rosa (1959)Art to Be Gallery
Luc Doerflinger (1966), Galerie Modulab
Goudji (1941), Galerie Capazza
Louis Granet (1991), Gilles Drouault, galerie/multiples
Aude Herlédan (1966), 1831 Art Gallery
Xiao Guo Hui (1969), Christopher Cutts Gallery
Invader (1969), Galerie Ange Basso
Jacques Martinez (1944), SPARC* Spazio Arte Contemporanea
Miaz Brothers (1965), Wunderkammern
Ayako Miyawaki (1905-1995), Galerie Frédéric Moisan
Sascha Nordmeyer (1977), Galerie Slotine
Jean-Pierre Schneider (1946), Galerie Univer / Colette Colla
Sarah Trouche (1983), Galerie Marguerite Milin

Goudji, Gravelot à collier interrompu, 2020