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Some 18 solo shows are spread throughout the fair allowing visitors to discover or rediscover in depth the work of modern, contemporary and emerging artists.

Among the historic artists, on the occasion of the retrospective at the Musée d'Art Moderne de Paris, Galerie Patrice Trigano pays tribute to Jean Hélion (1904-1987), a painter who was a major figure in abstract art in the 1930s, before later turning towards a more personal form of figuration. Galerie Capazza presents a mini retrospective of works by the pioneers of contemporary French ceramics, Jacqueline Lerat (1920-2009) and Jean Lerat (1913-1992), which is part of the Art & Craft focus curated by invited guest curator Nicolas Trembley. Galerie JP Ritsch-Fisch showcases the work of Italian artist and emblematic representative of art brut (outsider art), Carlo Zinelli (1916-1974) whereas Galerie Jacques Bailly is dedicating a solo show to André Masson (1896-1987), an early surrealist alongside André Breton (as well as Max Ernst, Joan Miró, Salvador Dali and Yves Tanguy) with an ensemble of works produced between 1930 and 1950. Masson’s automatic drawings and sand paintings (in which he threw or dribbled sand onto a glued canvas) were a major influence on the work of the American abstract expressionists.

Contemporary artists in the spotlight include Samantha McEwen (b. 1960 in London) with a solo show on the stand of the Modesti Perdriolle Gallery that takes another look at the career of this British American artist who was friends with Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. The exhibit presents exceptional works from the 1980s to the present day. Huberty & Breyne has a Gilles Barbier solo show that gives centre stage to works from four closely related series - “Still Memories," "Still Man", "Equilibrium" and "Entre les plis les souvenirs" (In between the pleats the memories)- whereas Nil Gallery presents Goodbye Nubia, a solo show by Fathi Hassan, who was the first artist to represent Africa at the Venice Biennial in 1988.

At Galerie Dix9-Hélène Lacharmoise, Columbian artist Leyla Cárdenas unearths the hidden stories of urban buildings by unravelling the textiles on which her photos have been printed to explore the different strata of which the constructions are composed. Sophie Zénon has devised an exhibit for Galerie XII that evokes the traces left by war with a selection of photograms of “obsidional plants”, photos of trees printed on tulle, sculptures and books.

On the stand of Galerie Fabienne Levy, the theatrical installation by Dominican artist Lucia Hierro is composed of digital collages of everyday objects printed on fabric that blur the boundaries between sculpture and photography, while playing with the symbols of Pop Culture and consumer society. At Galerie Valérie Delaunay, Franco-Moroccan artist Mohamed Lekleti, whose work is driven by his rewriting of stories and myths, presents a series of drawings and sculptures made especially for the fair. The work of Franco-Algerian artist Katia Kameli on show at 110 Galerie Véronique Rieffel shares these same inspirations, as illustrated by the dialogue she establishes between her projects Le Cantique des Oiseaux (The Canticle of Birds) and Stream of Stories. These two projects combining different techniques (musical ceramics, works on paper, tapestry, painting on textile and film) explore the symbolic and spiritual dimensions of birds.

At Galerie Maria Lund, the abstract, India ink “body landscapes” of Korean artist Min Jung-Yeon appear on drawings and canvases, whereas the Belgian artist Stijn Cole brings together painting, sculpture and photography to create an immersive, multidimensional landscape experience at Galerie Irène Laub. First time exhibitor 22,48m2 presents recent works by French artist Ellande Jaureguiberry, whose drawings and ceramics inspired by the world of science fiction and an animist vision of the world combine to form a composite landscape. Echoing the two themes of Art Paris 2024, Fragile utopias and Art & Craft, Galerie Anne-Laure Buffard has given over its entire stand to the sculptural textile installations of Pauline-Rose Dumas, a young French artist who trained at Chelsea College of Arts and whose work combines metal forging, photography and textile.

Solo shows:
Gilles Barbier (1965) - Huberty & Breyne
Leyla Cardenas (1975) - Galerie Dix9 - Hélène Lacharmoise
Stijn Cole (1978) - Irene Laub Gallery
Fathi Hassan (1957) - Nil Gallery
Jean Hélion (1904-1987) - Galerie Patrice Trigano
Lucia Hierro (1987) - Fabienne Levy
Ellande Jaureguiberry (1985) - Galerie 22,48 m²
Katia Kameli (1973) - 110 Galerie Véronique Rieffel
Mohamed Lekleti (1965) - Galerie Valérie Delaunay
Jacqueline (1920-2009) and Jean (1913-1992) Lerat - Galerie Capazza
Samantha McEwen (1960) - Modesti Perdriolle Gallery
André Masson (1896-1987) - Galerie Jacques Bailly
Giulia Marchi (1976) - Labs Contemporary Art
Jung-Yeon Min (1979) - Galerie Maria Lund
Pauline-Rose Dumas (1996) - Galerie Anne-Laure Buffard
Ben Walker (1974) - Soho Revue
Sophie Zénon (1965) - Galerie XII
Carlo Zinelli (1916-1974) - Galerie JP Ritsch Fisch

With the support of:

Pauline-Rose Dumas, Vue de l'exposition "Table des Matières", 2022
Gilles Barbier, Naufrages - Premiers chants #1, 2023
Katia Kameli, Les sept Vallées , 2023
Giulia Marchi, Sono soltanto linee #1, 2023
Ellande Jaureguiberry, Nature Morte au Pomelos, 2023
Mohamed Lekleti, Ils apportent chacun un souffle d'énergie, 2023
Fathi Hassan, The Window of Desire, 2023
Carlo Zinelli, Cavallo stellato ocra e alpino verde, 1967
Lucia Hierro, Eutimia, 2023
Leyla Cardenas, Unfolded room for Guimet, 2024
Ben Walker, The World Last Summer, 2023
Stijn Cole, 158, 2023
Min Jung-Yeon, Pluie douce, 2022
Sophie Zénon, La Seille, 2023
Jacqueline Lerat, Petite colonne et tête, 2008

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