Guy & Myriam Ullens Foundation

The Guy & Myriam Ullens Foundation presents in exclusivity at Art Paris 2022 two artistic performances integrating artificial intelligence into the process of creating works. Leonel Moura (Portugal) and Michel Paysant (France) are two pioneering artists of Computing art, who have each developed their own tools to create new forms and imaginations. Their works take us to the heart of the process of artistic creation, in an intimate and virtuous ecosystem: the artists invent a form of the shortest circuit of the artistic experience, the studio also becoming the exhibition hall, like the process of the work becomes the work itself.

Scientists have demonstrated the correlation of sustainable development and robotics, for a more eco-responsible industrial world. By applying these theses to artistic creation, the installations of Leonel Moura and Michel Paysant question the use of robotics in our current and future world. These robotic installations also question the very essence of the work of art and its definition. In 1956, Nicolas Schöffer, a visionary, said that in the future “the role of the artist will be to create creation” and not just a work object. The installations of Leonel Moura and Michel Paysant offer us a mirror of artistic creation, confronting us with the mystery of the production of the work of art.

The most recent developments of these artists, supported by the Guy & Myriam Ullens Foundation, would be presented for the first time in France at Art Paris. They were both exhibited in 2021 at the UCCA museum in Beijing, as part of the vast exhibition Immaterial/re-material, a brief history of computing art. Guy and Myriam Ullens have developed in recent years one of the largest collections of digital and robotic art.

Curator : Jérôme Neutres, Chief curator of the Guy & Myriam Ullens Foundation

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