Michel Comte, Sharon Stone, Vanity Fair US, 1995
Michel Comte, Helena Christensen, Safe Sex Campaign, 1992
Michel Comte, Yves Saint Laurent, W Magazine, 1992
Michael Craig-Martin, Untitled (fragment football), 2016
Ian Davenport, Puddle Painting: Indian Red No. 1, 2012
Ian Davenport, Staggered Lines Rudiments no. 1, 2015
Ian Davenport, Staggered Lines: Signal, 2011
Sam Francis, Noldis Paint Out (SFP663-7/ SFP64 -26), 1964
Howard Hodgkin, Springtime From After All, 2015
Howard Hodgkin, A Glass of Red From After All, 2015
Paul Hosking, Wall Watcher (Orange), 2019
Eamon O'Kane, Eames Psychedelic Seasons, 2008
Eamon O'Kane, Tugenhat Interior with two chairs, 2020
Eamon O'Kane, Soriano House With Palm Treees, 2019
Donald Sultan, Black Flowers, Sept 25 2019, 2019
Donald Sultan, Black and Aqua Jan 2010, 2010
Donald Sultan, Mimosa, Sept. 16, 2009, 2009

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