Shagha Ariannia, there is only a chair, 2020
Shagha Ariannia, janey’s hair, janey’s chair, 2020
Shagha Ariannia, there is a room and a window and a window and a box, 2020
Shagha Ariannia, there is a house and a box and a window, 2021
Shagha Ariannia, there is a room and a tongue, 2020
Rebecca Brodskis, En écoutant le silence, 2021
Rebecca Brodskis, Midnight interrogation, 2021
Alina Frieske, Upstream, 2021
Alina Frieske, Firm Ground, 2021
Alina Frieske, Lurking Lizard, 2022
Alina Frieske, Variable Position, 2021
Alina Frieske, Second Passage, 2021
Andre Hemer, Illuminations #7, (Vienna, 2019-03-04, 13.37 CET), 2019
Andre Hemer, Vienna at Dusk (May 17, 15:23 CEST), 2021
Kimathi Mafafo, Untitled 2, 2021
Kimathi Mafafo, In Search Of Self Love III, 2021
Martine Poppe, Not the Same For Everyone, 2021
Martine Poppe, I dreamt that I am here, 2021
Vibeke Slyngstad, Kjehomnen III, 2021
Vibeke Slyngstad, Sønstegård XIV, 2021
Richard Stone, Only from the ruins will you be free(front), 2020

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